A Curious Beginning
A Curious Beginning A Veronica Speedwell Mystery By Raybourn, Deanna Book - 2015

In A Curious Beginning we are introduced to Veronica Speedwell. Veronica is a fantastic female protagonist. She is strong, self-confident and intelligent and she doesn’t conform to societal expectations. A lepidopterist and natural historian, she travels the world and collects butterflies. She was raised in an unconventional way by her spinster caregivers who told her she was a foundling, constantly moving from place to place. She continues to live an unconventional life, at her choosing, after she is left alone following the deaths of her caregivers. She, along with a companion with whom she shares a love of natural history, must discover the reason for the murder of a mysterious benefactor who shows up in her life claiming to have knowledge of her origin, only days before he is killed. Veronica and Stoker are both wonderful, rich characters and I hope there will be many more adventures in store for them. I would recommend this book for fans of Victorian or Edwardian era mysteries.

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